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Hi, Hello, Welcome!! I’m an overly excited curly girl who spends the majority of her time behind a screen typing only to emerge from her hole in order to climb a stool and wade through fields with people in love. They typically make out while I hold up a big black box screaming, “YASSSS DO IT AGAIN!!”

When you put it like that my job is pretty freaking weird, right? It's an absolute dream!! It is unbelievably rewarding to be able to capture such a unique and romantic time in your life.

The core of my business, my photography, and my art is that I will build a legacy worth something more than just pretty images. That stories of love, faith, beauty, and adventure would be brought to life in candid, vulnerable, and telling imagery.

Imagery that brings people back to the heart of their love story. I know my calling is in helping share stories that make people feel something. Stories that connect our hearts and remind us of our why. That is always always always my heart behind what I do!!  I cannot wait to talk to you about your life and all its special moments. Let's meet for coffee, wine or margaritas!

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I’m married to a down home country boy. We bought our first house five years ago; it’s a quaint country cottage in need of lots of love on two acres. I have a huge garden and I love to can or freeze the produce; he’s turning me into a mini-farmer. Our only child is a rescue dog named Zeke. He is a boxer-pit mix which makes him quite the handful but his old soul makes it all worth it. 


"We love Ashley! Her photos are amazing! She is willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot! She is so fun and worked so well with our bridal party- kids included! With Ashley, we didn’t have to worry about anything on our wedding day! She went above and beyond her job description, even getting her camera back out after she was done shooting to take a few unexpected family shots!!"

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Timeless, Romantic, Adventurous

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My perfect day would be hiking, kayaking on the lake, laying on the beach or cleaning up my garden. 

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Latte or Cold Brew

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Snuggling in to finish a book all in one day.


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If you’re an Ohio bride, stop your photographer search right now and book with Ashley Rene Photography. I promise you won’t regret it! Tyler and I are super awkward individuals, but Ashley worked her magic to make us super comfortable and actually enjoy taking photos. Which were STUNNING by the way. We looked at a ton of photographers during the wedding planning process and could not be more sure of our decision to book with Ashley. Ashley wastes no time when taking photos. She’s able to direct your party/family with ease, pose you when needed, and crank through photos so quickly that your face doesn’t hurt from smiling too much. The best part is that Ashley was able to capture the true emotion and personality of the bride and groom in her photos. Her bright personality and ability to make others feel so comfortable is something you will truly appreciate. Her photos are something we will cherish forever and will be visible proof of the raw emotions we felt during our special day. On a day that is jammed full of emotions and nonstop activities, Ashley was a stress free, supportive, and altogether joyful presence. Ashley truly deserves all the praise and I hope you get a chance to work with her. I promise you will love her just as much as we did!

morgan + Tyler


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Where do I even start? Ashely was a GOD SEND and a crucial piece to our perfect wedding day. Her photos capture every smile, tear and little moment & details that made our day so special. She helped keep things on scheduled, made sure every shot on the shot list was taken and made everyone incredibly comfortable. Not to mentioned made everyone look like super models, but also so genuine and raw in every single photo. From start to finish, we could not have asked for more. Her prices are beyond fair for the product that you will receive. I will recommend Ashley to all of my friends and family for many years to come. Thank you, Ashley!! You’re amazing.

kellie + James


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We are so pleased with our choice to use Ashley as our photographer, and would happily recommend her to anyone. We had an engagement session, and she immediately had us feeling comfortable in front of her camera, though neither my wife nor I enjoy having our picture taken. On our wedding day, we had the best time taking photos with the wedding party before the ceremony- Ashley was happy to travel to a couple different spots with us, and the pictures turned out fantastic. Even our wedding guests noticed and told us how great Ashely was at being where she need to be to get the photograph, but not being in the way or intrusive. Thank you, Ashley, you were fantastic!!

Anne + Alyssa


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