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Hey there, Nicole here!

Evermore Studios has been my “maybe when the kids are older” dream, ever since I started shooting weddings 8 years ago. If you told me at the start of 2020 that by August, that dream would become a reality, I would have laughed at you and asked what you were taking. 

But here we are. It’s real. It’s all happening. And I still kind of don’t believe it!

Evermore Studios is a microwedding venue in Columbus. Our mission is to bring weddings back to focusing on celebrating the fact that two people have found their person in life. Not about how cool of a party they can throw. 

Our space is for small & intimate weddings that have 20 or less guests. You can rent the space out and DIY your wedding, or you can opt to do one of our pop-up weddings! 

What the heck is a pop-up wedding??

Pop-up weddings are an all-inclusive, fully curated wedding! They’re short & sweet, about 3 hours long, while still covering all the ground of a bigger wedding. Our pop-ups are one weekend a month, just pick the theme you love the most and we’ll cover the rest! All you have to worry about is getting fancy (or not!), who to invite, and showing up!

A pop-up wedding might be perfect for you if...

- The idea of spending anywhere close to the $20,000+ average that weddings cost, makes you physically ill. You’d rather spend that kind of money on something more practical like the down payment on a house...or a car...or to get debt free. Or even a killer vacation! 
- You just don’t have that many people to invite, but want something higher end than the courthouse. 
- You’re not in your 20’s anymore, and this might not even be your first wedding. But you want something nice for your wedding, an intimate gathering with your closest family & friends.
- You’re very conscious of the large amount of waste that bigger weddings produce, and would rather not contribute to that with your own wedding.
- You might not have had the wedding of your dreams back when you got married. So you want an awesome Vow Renewal that “makes up for it.” 

If any of these are relatable to you, then our pop-up weddings might be kind of perfect for you!



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"I was so impressed with everything they had available to use. This is such a unique space!"