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Hi! My name is Heather and I am the owner of Fezz & Hazel. My love of exquisite events started early and I've always had a natural talent for designing.

I am a Columbus, Ohio native who enjoys growing orchids, sipping on tea or the occasional bourbon, and traveling the world with my family! 

Flowers fill my world with color and designing makes my heart explode with joy! Styling some of life's most memorable milestones is an honor which is why I go above and beyond to create an experience that is specific to each client I work with. 

I am head over heels in love with flora and fauna and like to use nature to design life changing experiences. As you can see my design style is big and eye catching so if you are reading this we might be a great match to work together. My passion is not limited to my location as I will travel to you! I am a destination florist. This means that not only do I design in the state of Ohio but I will design a signature style in any location a client desires. If you want to be surrounded by flowers, trigger a memory from scent, and experience joy through a soft touch, I am the designer for you.



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"Heather is a genius!"

"Heather is a genius when it comes to floral arrangements! I told her what I envisioned and the mood I wanted to project and she nailed it. I loved that she came to me with ideas that I hadn't even considered, but loved once they were presented to me. Additionally, she is very professional and her personality is one that is easy and pleasant. Everyone loved the flowers and I get compliments on them from everyone I show my wedding photos. The flowers were literally the wow factor of my wedding. When I saw everything together it took my breath away. The venue itself was a beautiful glass building with a gorgeous view. The flowers could have easily gotten lost in that space, but Heather arranged them to hold their own in that venue and they brought everything together beautifully. Highly recommend".
 ~ Erica Engler




"I personally cannot recall a single wedding I've been to where the flowers have been memorable. Because of this I tried to shy away from some of the arrangements from Heather but my wedding planner advised me against it. Thank god I listened! The flowers were absolutely stunning and totally set the scene. Our pictures turned out vibrant and perfect, far better than I could have ever hoped for. Heather has a clear vision and her work is beautiful. I'd highly recommend her to any bride planning their big day!"
~ Cori Evans




"During our first appointment she gave a vision that surpassed what I was expecting!! She was always checking in and seeing if I needed help with anything, whether it was tablecloths or a color to paint decor. Her price reflects the gift she has and the professionalism she gave throughout!!"
~ Caitlin Bowman