Wedding Invitation

Kristen is the owner and head designer at Poeme and has worked on over 1,500 weddings over the course of 19 years. --- My skills involve color, type, print, and “design-y” things, BUT my super-hero powers have been defined as “Mother-of-the Bride Whisperer”, “Etiquette-Enthusiast” and “Wordsmith Wizard”. I have yet to meet a Bride-(or Groom)-zilla, and I think this has to do with the fact that with good communi- cation and proper guidance, our clients can enjoy the process. I translate the vision you have for your celebration and put your story on paper, and if I can do it in a way that allows you to enjoy the process, then I have done my job! --- Poeme is a wedding and event stationery studio located in beautiful Hyde Park Square in Cincinnati, Ohio.