Ryan Holland Photography

Wedding photography

Ready to marry your best friend?! We've been there and it was the BEST. DAY. EVER! Now we are so lucky to be a husband-wife team creating bright, beautiful images of couples in love. 

Over the last 12 years we've captured the pure joy and raw emotions of so many weddings, and we've gained valuable experience that allows us to be flexible and calm no matter what the day brings. We pride ourselves in our ability to put you and your family and friends at ease in front of the camera with our friendly and positive attitudes while providing the professionalism and personalized service that you deserve. 

Emily has a background in planning events, so she is super organized and exceptional with logistics. Her appreciation of love and heightened attention to detail ensures all the small touches you planned are captured beautifully. Ryan is a natural at all things creative and technical. His outgoing personality makes brides very comfortable and brings out genuine smiles even with grooms or groomsmen who don’t think they are photogenic. 

We believe your wedding photography experience should be equal parts excellent service and timeless, authentic images that capture your unique story. We'd love to talk even more about what we can do to help you remember every moment of your wedding day!