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You have been dreaming of this day and it is coming soon. You want to have breathtaking art of it to display in your home. The job of perfectly capturing and delivering artistic and divine images of your wedding can’t be trusted to just anyone, and you’re looking for the best fit for you.

We believe there is nothing more important than taking exceptional care of our clients and making sure their joy, personality, and hard work are shown off through our photography. Our work is 99% focused on candids that capture the true you, and we believe the best way to do this is through developing a friendship with our couples. 

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Sam and Grace are married and love working together as a team. We believe your day is unique and strive to capture the sweet moments throughout your wedding day that make it truly special. To us, there is nothing more beautiful than authentic moments captured on camera. We treat your wedding day as even more important than we treated our own day because we know how important it is to you. You will become a part of our family during our process because we value that.



How would you describe your style

Our style is natural and true to the lighting and weather of the day

Describe your perfect day

60 degrees, breezy and surrounded by outdoor greenery. It would probably end with a snuggled up family movie night, board games, or a Legend of Zelda game night.

Coffee Shop Order

For Grace: a black light roast from Staufs in Columbus. For Sam: a latte from Staufs.

Guilty Pleasure

For Grace: 60-72% dark chocolate. It's a problem. For Sam: chips and salsa from Fiesta Mariachi and listening to soundtracks all day long.

Grace: turkey avocado sandwich & Sam: tacos

Favorite food


Favorite color

Sam: Fall & Grace: Springtime

Favorite season

"They truly made our dreams come true. From the first meeting, I could allready tell that they are an amazing duo. Their attention to detail and sincerity made us feel oh so special. Sam &Grace are professionals that are truly experts in their craft. Every single photo is professionally taken and the video takes you back to the weeding day every time. I truly feel like the greatest wedding gift of all was Sam and Grace fitting us into their schedule. They create a schedule for the wedding day itself that made it all come together. They came prepared and ready to be flies on the wall. It was truly incredible. We loved the fact that they made us not only feel like family, but they made us feel in a way that they have known us for so long. They took the tome to get to know us, and that was so wonderful. They created an atmosphere where it was easy to relax and take photos that are truly sincere. Thank you so much for capturing the most amazing parts of our special day. However, they work with you even after the wedding day to get you the perfect prints, which is pretty great. After doing so much research and meeting with so many other photographers and videographers, I am so glad we chose Sam and Grace. Please do yourself a favor and save some time by booking Sam and Grace right away.

Lisa Reiman


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"Our wedding was in September and we used Grace as our photographer for our engagement pictures as well as our wedding, and her husband Sam created our video. Our photos and video turned out great and we would highly recommend. Our favorite part about working with Grace and Sam are the personal touches such as getting dinner with them to not only talk details, but get to know who you are as a couple. I also loved the photo party that Grace coordinated to have a big reveal with friends and family present. I think having a photographer is a must for a wedding, but my husband and I went back and forth about also getting the video. My husband was initially opposed and thought it would not be worth it, I pushed for it and he finally caved, and I think he has watched the video about twenty times since we received it last week. We are both so happy with it and there is no better way to remember the emotions of that day as well as getting to see the moments that you missed. Highly recommend. They make a great team!

Shaytell Taylor


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Grace and Sam did a fabulous job with our wedding and engagement photos! They were flexible and quick to respond throughout the entire process, and their prices are extremely reasonable for the amazing work they do! They are friendly and thoughtful; I am normally EXTREMELY uncomfortable in front of cameras (especially video O.o), but they made me feel completely at ease. They went above and beyond on our wedding day working magic with a very low-lit reception venue and literally running circles around us at least a dozen times to get the perfect sparkler photo. Their incredible service didn't stop there-- after the wedding Grace had a few sneak preview photos ready the next day! She's been great about editing a few touch-up requests from me. The photos look absolutely stunning, and we can't wait to see Sam's video! These two are so sweet, amazing, and talented; I would absolutely recommend them!!

Rebecca Woodruff


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