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Have you ever picked up a book, started reading, and gotten so completely sucked in that you weren't able to put it down? You found yourself dying to read just one more page, to find out just a few more details about the characters and the events that shaped their story. That's the type of design we create for your unique love story, one that beautifully unfolds your story, ushering your loved ones to step into the narrative and soak in every delightful detail of the day. 

The Collective Company is a custom design studio that believes in the power of great design and that details are integral parts of every story we seek to tell. We specialize in using the details of your story to curate magnificently beautiful spaces that provide charmingly beautiful moments woven together to invite others into your story and special day. 

We are based out of Toledo, Ohio but proudly design and serve Ohio and beyond. At the Collective Company, one of our highest priorities is connection. We want to serve you well and that means connecting to who you are individually, collectively as a couple, to your unique story, and to the cherished people who are a part of it. We believe that the connection is incredibly important in creating the perfect design for your special day. We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere that welcomes a blissful celebration, intimate connection, and loads of fun. We promise you and your guests will end the night feeling full of joy and with delightfully sweet memories to carry into the next chapter of your story.